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When i read Tagore i understand there a soothing, calming peace flowing from within from his modest language. It is a fact that he did not leave an empty basket  behind him for his followers  on his eternal journey from this world.

I have seen destiny placing a lot of unpleasant situations  and it is not humans but situations they face create  unpleasantness. Humans err and misjudge situations and end up in miseries. It is true that the good ones also can face deadly situations and end up as victims. Faced with such many ordeals i know i was at several times accused for the things  i have not done. I tried to retaliate and fight. I learned at the end to understand that the  world is not a focus point to support any individual in trouble with full heart. It is just a passing phase, a platform,  a day or a small event dais to talk about or sympathize. The me or i factor is important for humans as if it happens to me it is something to be talked and if it is to another human it is a matter  less important as it needs to be judged with a different measure scale.

 It is with pain i noticed and at times wondered why people invade and fill their mind's emptiness in my earthen territory and i tried several times to fight back and failed to reason out because the people invaded my territory tried to display their ordinary behaviour most of the time. There i want to believe that extra ordinary ones haunt not  others or chase or challenge other humans but try to improve their own gifted life. Even at times my sincere approach also caused a negative impact that i learned it is difficult a task to please the thinking pattern of different people at different situations.

I have learned from my experience that when faced with unpleasant situations it is better not to retaliate but to look up for the extra ordinary souls who can inspire at that moment of pain. 
In politics of life i learned not to focus on pleasing local streams which join with anyone and it is good for a good hearted human to stay away from such forces. It is to be noted that good humans faced with bad situations suffer a lot because they would not have planned for any escape routs as they  are not equipped like the master planners and rooks.

Faced with such difficulties of a lifetime i learned that i can look for a better vision if i try with my whole heart to meditate on Tagore or such great inspirers.  Power is not the ultimate factor, there we see the less powerful constitutional leaders. In our country people think the post of a Rashtrapathi is  less powerful, less meaningful  designation but  we were fortunate to have a few  respectful Rashtrapathis in our country to remember  - Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Radhakrishnan, KR Narayan,   Dr. Abdul Kalam. When i think of them i know i can identify them as extra ordinary individuals with a different and great vision.  Instead of trying to step down to the level of the ordinary  segment one's vision should be to join hand with with the real visionaries.

It is true that as humans it is difficult a task to focus and fill always good deeds in empty baskets. It is a fact that at times there can be situations forcing humans to behave in a way to fill all emptiness in the already empty basket as it is easy and ordinary a task.

To be extra ordinary one needs to fill a better vision and not spread  negative emptiness to a gifted life.

I know invaders and situations provoke me to challenge my face value  and try to redeem my net worth.. Let me think in this way...

I need to grow to reach up to the vision of the extra ordinary..... 
I want to fill my basket with goodness.....
I want to bookmark a few humans who signed on a vision which benefited several million human beings
I want to fill a season of flowers and a bag full of Tagore in my basket.

Situations and Provocations are ordinary challenges and extra ordinary ones will not redeem their gifted life on that but try to improve their own vision. Let that vision be my guiding force, guiding light..

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