Thursday, September 26, 2013



Give and take...
Have you followed any of these principles in  its noblest form.
That is the truth..
After terrorizing and ransacking the heartbeats of a nation and innocent human beings there the masked cries of our rulers to cover their mistakes and blunders.

Give and Take.
Kuchela gifted Krishna not gold coins or a bundle of currency notes but his heartfelt offerings and  that can be termed as  pure giving. Taking back nothing he walked away and he would not have been in need of any luxuries. Duryodan on the otherhand  gifted Anga Desh to Karna to purchase his loyality.  Our present leaders believe in such Give and Take. Question them  and we end up in Vanaprastha for sure.

Why didn't  you forgive your detractors? You terrorized them and finished off instead of forgiving..
You with all your rage did shows to block the ones who tried to give you back what you have distributed..

Truth is that you cannot forgive anyone and you give only to the ones who fall on your feet.
Pure learning is that give not with an expectation to take back..
The simple example to understand how one can grow.  America believes in destroying and finishing off its detractors to show their supremacy whereas Europe grows on its own  rich  resources.

Forgive ...
Is it not that you finished one of your detractors yesterday..
A chanced encounter and you feel happy for the outcome and no remorse in you that you have not worked for forgiving someone. If others have not offered you a forgiving feeling you go totally out of control and you finish even them too.
Truth is that but you don't like to accept it. When you are not able to embrace the noblest form of give and take and forgive your detractors it is noble a concept not to demand anything even from others.
Give and Take ..
Have you followed any of that in its noblest form..
That is where you stand....
The worst human error is that what is preached not  practiced and that is the root cause of all human miseries.

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